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Wallpaper - Be sure walls are smooth with no texture. We suggest using a primer or sizing.  Not only does this give you a better surface to hang on but it makes it easier to remove later.  Sizing or primer-sealer  is a paint you can buy at any paint store.  Follow the directions that come with the paper, some are prepasted and some are not.  Prepasted papers will be cut in strips following the instructions and soaked in a water trough and booked to activate the paste.

An alkyd or acrylic-based liquid applied to the wall prior to wallpaper installation. Primer/sealers soak into a porous wall surface much like sizing (see 'sizing' below). However, acrylic-based primer/sealers also soak into latex paint and re-bond the paint to the wall. This is important because most wallpapers expand when wet, as they dry they tighten to the wall. Poor latex paint will pull away from the wall during this drying stage.

A liquid mixture that is applied to the wall prior to wallpaper installation. Sizing creates a uniform porosity on the surface of your wall and increases the tack of the wallpaper during installation. Sizing should not be mistaken for a primer/sealer (see "primer/sealer" above).

Defects - Check all the rolls before hanging and watch for any defect or problems when hanging and stop if one is noticed.  A professional hanger should know this.  Stop and wait 24 hours to see how it looks then.  Call if the defect or problem is still  there and talk to our professional.  Please note if  all the paper is installed and then a defect is noticed the next day the manufacturer will not issue credit on the paper.  Although we will work with you on replacing the order.

Solid vinyl or heavy vinyl papers are better to use on problem walls.

Bathrooms - Any type paper can be hung in a bathroom as long as water is not splashing directly on it.  Be sure there is plenty of paste when hanging.

MuralsRead the directions completely before hanging.  Murals require a smooth surface.  They come prepasted, with paste included or without paste.  The instructions will tell what type of paste to buy and how to hang.  If you are trying to hang a mural on a wall that has any texture at all, we have found pasting the wall first  or sizing the wall helps.  Be aware if a mural has to be removed it is not rehangable.

Borders - Most are prepasted and should be hung on a smooth surface.  If you have any texture at all size or paste the wall area first.

Peel and Sticks - Must have a completely smooth surface to adhere to with no texture at all.

Find a Hanger -  Go to the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers at 

or call 1-800-254-6477.

Please call if you have any questions  1-888-303-6611


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